Complications after laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery

Dr. Neelima Mantri is the best doctor for laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery in Mumbai. She is the best gynecologist and obstetrician in Mumbai. There are some Complications after laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery.
Basically, a hysterectomy is a surgery for the deportation of a woman’s womb. This also stops the menstrual cycle in women and the ability to become pregnant. In some cases, this treatment is life-saving and important to improve a woman’s quality of life. For example, women who have uterine cancer may need to remove the uterus. Regardless of the type of treatment used, hysterectomy is a major surgical procedure with the probability of several complications.
Complications after laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery

According to Dr. Neelima Mantri, there are the following Complications after laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery:
Infection – infection are some of the most common complications. The Infection generally occurs at the top of the vagina. While infections normally respond to antibiotics, but sometimes surgery be required to treat the infection.

Blood loss – the average blood lost at the time of hysterectomy operation is roughly the same amount as 3 menstrual cycles. In an abdominal hysterectomy, it is double. A Woman should be aware that a blood transmission may be necessary. A Woman who has heavy periods is at additional risk.
Organ damage – The organs around the uterus may be damaged during the operation. For example, bladder, the bowel and urinary tract may be injured…Read more